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Monday, February 4, 2013


The Joshua Connection is place where traditional and non-traditional educational resources and therapies meet in assisting those struggling with autism.
The Joshua Connection is a person centered planning turning 22 transition outreach advocacy program for autistic individuals and their families that serves as a support network for individuals and their families that are currently struggling with issues associated with autism,aspergers and everything pertaining to pervasive developmental disorders. The main focus and purpose of the connection is to help families and individuals articulate and implement effectively their loved ones dream for a better quality of life that will follow them throughout their life time.

The family, friends and faith based community of Joshua Francis Mower have established, this special needs outreach for autistic individuals and their families called the Joshua Connection Special Needs Outreach, named after Dr Shirley Canniff's son, Joshua Francis who is currently struggling with issues associated with autism and who is desperately in need of breakthru therapies that are not otherewise covered by traditional insurances. Joshua Francis is 21 and is currently in a turning 22 transition program in his residential school located in Central Massachusetts. Joshua Francis and other similar families and friends in transition are very vulnerable in being overlooked and under serviced due to the lack of funding that was once available to them between the ages of 3-22.
Funding 'The Joshua Connection Family Van' would allow each one of these individuals including Joshua Francis to continue on in their current treatment plans whether it be medical, specialized therapeutic intervention services, occupational services, educational services, and basic needs such as food and shelter.
In order to insure the support for Joshua and his friends, Seek Christian Teaching and Worship Center, the faith based organization that is hosting this fund raising for Joshua are asking for funding on behalf of ' The Joshua Connection Family Van for Joshua and his friends.

Funding received would allow for the purchase of a 2005 Chevy Chinook RV that would become the outreach on wheels that would deliver some of the services mentioned above. This Van would also be an educational outreach state of the art resource center that would assure that Joshua along with his friends, their families, and trained PCA and staff would receive ongoing community support and additional training, 'Beyond 22 Advocacy for Autistic Individuals and their families, continuing education, reliable transportation to and from medical and therapeutic appointments, funding for communication devices and maintenance of these devices, continued occupational and family counseling services that would be available to their place of residence. To make this dream a reality, the surrounding communities are uniting to raise money to also help defray the costs of these much needed services. As well as defraying the costs associated with legal issues relating to estate planning regarding current living expenses and future planning for these individuals and their families that are advocating for them.

So far in this fund raising campaign, Joshua has received $10.00 towards his treatment therapies. This goes to nobody but Joshua. During these tough economic times it is Dr Shirley Canniff's gut feeling that if at least 4,023 people here on Face Book and any of the other social media networks gave at least $1.00 to $5.00 for 4 months this would provide for Integrative Listening (ILS) therapy and training for professional practitioners and occupational therapists and their assistants to work with Joshua and his friends as well as receiving Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment and other forms of treatment as well as a vehicle to transport Joshua and his friends to and from these appointments. Please see the description regarding the Joshua Connection Family Van.. This fund raiser closes on May 31st, 2013 ♥ DrShirl ♥